Most menu plans don’t work in real life.  There are days when you’re late getting home, you forgot to take something out of the freezer or stop by the store, or what you had planned for dinner just doesn’t sound good.  Life happens, so what do you do?

You could call for a pizza, head out to a restaurant or grab some fast food, but that’s not the plan!  JUST MOVE YOUR STICKERS AROUND.  Slide the day’s sticker, or a group of stickers, down the calendar.  The same food is utilized, just on a different day.  Sure, you can’t make Chicken Salad before the chicken’s roasted or Shepherd’s Pie before the pot roast’s done, but you can eat what you like and like what you eat.  It’s YOUR PLAN.   If you’d like, follow my plan and see what I’ve been up to by clicking  Here We Go!!

Oh, and always scroll down to the bottom of the page. You’ll find a little something extra.

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