Dollar Store Finds

Tools that cost $10.00 or less

Almost Free Cake Covers
An Almost Free Pie Shield
A Cheap but Effective Recipe Holder
Baby Spoons
Baking Sheets
Bench Scraper
Cast Iron Chainmail Scrubber
Citrus Juicers
Egg Rings
Egg Separators
Flat Grater
Flour Duster
Glass Measuring Cups
Homemade Furniture Cleaner and Polish
Instant Read Thermometer
Measuring Prep Bowls
Meat Chopper
Mellon Baller
Meringue Pie Cover
Mini Tart Shaper
Muffin Tins
Mushroom Slicer
Organic Weed Killer
Paper Plates
Pasta Stirrer/Server
Pastry Blender
Pie Crust Shield
Pie Server
Pie Weights
Pineapple Corer/Slicer
Pizza Wheel
Pump Mister
Shrimp Peeler
Turkey Lifters


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