Muffin Tins

Not just for muffins!
Muffin tins have numerous uses…from appetizers to desserts and everything sweet and savory in between.

The tins with the smallest cups usually make 24 portions, perfect for bite sized treats. I like to use these on finger food buffets. Many recipes that were originally written as bars, such as Jen’s Zucchini Appetizers easily convert to the mini muffin tin and are easier for guests to handle. Teachers appreciate birthday cupcakes baked in little portions for little mouths.
The standard sized muffin tins work for just about anything that you would like to prepare in individual servings, such as Hash Brown Breakfast Cups. Make up a batch of these and pop them in the freezer for breakfast on the run.
With some dishes one standard sized muffin isn’t quite enough but two are too much. That’s when the jumbo muffin pans come in handy. I think these are just right for individual entrees like Mushroom Meatloaves.

Whatever size muffin tin best fits your needs, buy two. They aren’t expensive, and many recipes, like box cake mix cupcakes, call for two pans.

Oh, and when you wear one out, if you manage to do so, muffin tins are great for sorting craft supplies.