Paper Plates

DSCN1580 dscn2140-2

Believe it or not, paper plates can be a very useful kitchen tool and not a waste at all. I use one almost every time I prepare dinner. No, I don’t serve dinner on paper plates. I have a dish washer and we eat on conventional dinnerware, but paper plates are life savers when it comes to preserving my counter tops and cutting boards. I never have to worry about washing off gooey sauces or batters, and most importantly, my boards are never spiced up by hot peppers and their fiery juices.  I like paper plates for cutting onions and dicing boneless chicken breasts, too.  I save tons of clean up and sanitizing time just by using these humble little helpers.
Look for the big stacks of plain white but “glazed” paper plates at the discount stores. You’ll be glad you did.