Citrus Juicers


Citrus juicers are almost invaluable if one has to produce quantities of lemon, lime, or orange juice. Squeezing the juice can be tiresome as well as wasteful when done simply by hand.
The metal juicer shown above is also called a reamer. A reamer is great if a recipe calls for “the juice of one lemon”, or any small quantity. However, seeds are hard to avoid. Reamers are widely available for $6.00 and up.
The glass juicer above is nearly an antique. My Grandfather and I found it at Woolworth’s about 35 years ago, and it has seen a lot of use. It’s convenient for larger quantities of juice, and since the juice accumulates in the bowl at the bottom one can easily pour off the juice and leave the seeds behind. An internet search found a similar one for about $6.00.
The yellow juicer shown above is also called a juice press, and it does just what the name implies. By lever action a juice press extracts the juice, leaving the seeds and rind behind. I press the juice into a measuring cup to track the amount. Juice pressed are relatively new, but easy to find starting at about $8.00.
Of course, there are electric models available but I don’t think the cost is justified unless you are running a lemonade stand!


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