Instant Read Thermometer


How do you know when that thick piece of meat is really ready? An instant read thermometer can be a valuable tool if you use it right, but it can be tricky at times. If you position the probe correctly this theremometer will give you an accurate reading, but if the tip of the probe is not in the center, or touching the bone or a pocket of fat, you could be in trouble. I have thought our chicken was perfectly grilled and brought it in, only to find it was raw next to the bone, even after resting. What a hassle it is to have to cook it longer while the remainder of the meal is on hold. It’s even worse if you misjudge the Thanksgiving Turkey, so use caution. None the less, the instant read thermometer does work.
I picked this one up for just about $10.00. Sometimes they cost less, but often more. I’m not sure that price is an indication of accuracy, but it may be an indication of speed. “Instant read” is not really instant. This one takes about 15 seconds. I like the fact that it is digital, as well.


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