It’s Saturday, April 13th

This last week went better than I expected. The only change I had to make to this week’s Sticky Menu Plan was to slide yesterday’s Spicy Tuna Steaks to today. Michael had to have his “Mexican Fix” yesterday so we went to Rosie’s, and I can’t complain about that.
For tomorrow (Sunday) I think Hot Chicken Salad sounds good. One of the stores had whole chickens on sale, so I’ll be able to replenish my Rich Chicken Stock as well as make Lizzie & Bella some Dog Treats with the dark meat. Monday’s Roasted Vegetable Medley will be served over Quick and Light Cheese Grits. I’ll save half of the grits to go with Thursday’s Freezer Food, Grillades. Broccoli is on sale, too, so Beef and Broccoli Stir-Fry sounds good for Tuesday. Wednesday will be busy in a productive way. Chuck roasts are on sale, so I’ll be grinding meat. (I know, kind of obsessive) But we’ll grill some yummy Steak Burgers when I’m through. That brings me to Friday. I’m hoping to get some sea scallops for Scallops with Fettucini. They are knd of expensive, but it’s still a lot cheaper than eating out.
It’s a beautiful day! One couldn’t ask for any better weather. Be greatful for what life gives you.


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