It’s Saturday, April 20th

The Sticky Menu Plan was developed to provide flexability, but this week it wasn’t needed. My menu for the week could have been set in stone since nothing unexpected happened. At least I could have switched things around if I needed to. That’s the plan.
This has been a very productive week! I spent Wednesday on ground meat preparation and put together 24 meals worth. Whew! I’ll try to post the details later, but those 24 meals for the two of us worked out to cost $1.49 per meal. That’s just for the meat portion, but often the meat is the most expensive part. Wenesday night we enjoyed Zesty Oven Roasted Potatoes along with the Steak Burgers.
Sunday, I’ll be fixing another of the recipes from Wednesday’s marathon, Salisbury Steak with Onion and Mushroom Gravy. Sunday I need to remember to soak some beans for Monday’s Vegan Red Beans and Rice. I love that stuff! If I’m not going meatless I like to add a little smoked sausage that is sliced and browned before the veggies go in. Tuesday will be Beef and Bean Burritos, and Wednesday should be Paprika Pork. Thursday’s Freezer Food will be Baked Chicken Salad. I just made it last week, so it’s kind of soon to be serving it again, but I want to see if it froze alright. It has some mayo in it, which sometimes doesn’t freeze well. Last Friday I had planned to fix sea scallops, but king crab legs came up on sale, so we had those instead. I guess I’ll try for the scallops this week, we’ll see. We may just go out to dinner. I try to make sure to check and see if there’s anything in the fridge that needs to be used before it goes bad. I have an extra leek, so I’ll try to work in Creamy Leeks Parmesan. I need to tweak that recipe a bit.


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