I’m in “Time Out”!

I’ve put myself on restriction…From the grocery store, that is. After spending an entire morning preparing various food items for freezer storage and updating my freezer inventory I realized that we have much too much food in this house! If we had a power outage I could probably throw a party for the whole neighborhood and still have food leftover. It’s ridiculous. So, I am not allowing myself to purchase anything but dairy products and perishable produce. We’ll see how long I can hold out. I ran into Publix for some buttermilk and had to restrain myself from the seduction of some beautiful crab clusters. I’ve decided I’m an addict.
Sunday’s main meal was Broccoli and Mushroom Stuffed Shells. Some were meatless and some had shredded chicken as well. Guess where most of them went. Yep, in the freezer!
IMG_0274 IMG_0289
The blueberry harvest is nearly over, but since they are still coming and there are already too many in the freezer, the latest batch found it’s way into a Blueberry Roll.
Michael had his Mexican fix on Monday, so once again our meatless meal slid to Tuesday. Out of the freezer came the last batch of Grilled Vegetable Lasagna.
IMG_0008 IMG_0283
Wednesday we baked some Sour Cream Chicken. The size of chicken breasts these days has really gotten out of hand.  We split this one. If you decide to split your chicken breasts, I suggest you cut them after cooking so the juices don’t escape.Thursday was more freezer food, Paprika Pork. When given the choice between brown rice or Potato Gnocchi to go with the pork, Michael chose the gnocchi. While I can make good fresh gnocchi, I am going to have to find a way to make smaller batches and stay away from the freezer. I just can’t manage to get the frozen ones to cook right.
As I’m writing this post I’m waiting for Michael to get back with a plumbing part. (That’s another story!) I have no water right now, so dinner will be late. I’m going to try Prosciutto Wrapped Sea Scallops. We’ll see if they turn out the way I’ve intended. If not, I’ll try again. They sound good, anyway. Vegetable risotto might be nice on the side.
Of course, we need water first.
IMG_0301 They worked!
Oh, I almost forgot…still more blueberries, but I’m not complaining. This morning we made
Sour Cream Pancakes-Blueberries Optional with honey butter and blueberry preserves.
IMG_0292 IMG_0296
I’m grateful for a husband who can fix things. Be thankful for what life gives you.


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