Happy New Year!

New Year’s Day dinner was certainly better than New Years Eve crab legs. Here in North Alabama we grill outside just about year round. Michael manned his grill to make our New Year’s pork, Crickhollow Pork Tenderloin. It turned out perfectly, as usual. Michael really knows his way around the grill. In keeping with Southern tradition, peas and greens must be served for luck and money. I filled the bill with home-grown pink eyed peas, a cousin to the black eyed variety, and braised cabbage.
IMG_0715 IMG_0725
There was more than we could eat but nothing was thrown away. The leftover pork made really good sandwiches when piled on leftover dinner rolls with just a smidge of mayo.
Thursday was another disappointing Alabama football game. For every Bama game on TV Michael gets a Terry’s pizza from Star Market. We really miss the old Terry’s restaurant, but their take and bake pizzas are good if you like pizza. Pizza is not my thing, so I put the leftover Christmas ham to use in a big pot of Bean and Ham Soup. We never try to pick the hambone clean when it’s being carved. Instead, we throw the meaty bone in the freezer until I pull it out for soup. Bean and Ham soup is very economical and goes a long way. I served myself mine in my Christmas soup mug from Kaij and Kelton.
IMG_0719 IMG_0727
Friday’s dinner was Shrimp Po’Boys. I based them on a recipe from Cooking Light magazine. They turned out well flavor wise, but the sauce was a little runny and the shrimp didn’t color well. I’m modifying the recipe to correct these issues.
Today is Saturday, so I’m keeping things simple. Smoky Chicken Barbecue Sandwiches are coming out of the bounty in my freezers. I may throw a couple of sweet potatoes in the microwave to serve on the side. It doesn’t get much easier than that.
Be thankful for what life gives you.


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