Oh my gosh…I’ve been having fun!

The Sticky Menu Plan Workbook is ready to launch, but I’m missing two things. I had to re-order some self adhesive tabs to mark the chapters, and I don’t have a cover. The cover is the big thing, but I have an idea for that. I want to arrange some family celebration photos around the edges. When I finish I’ll have a marketable book with over 120 of my most popular recipes in binder form. I plan to run a contest. Enter to win a free Workbook! The entry form will be coming soon.
And now to the week’s recipes…
Most of the week was the same old thing, and not at all exciting. Two recipes do stand out.
My remake of good old fashioned Beef Stroganoff was quite the hit! I used to use sliced round steak, which was cheap but tough. This time, New York strip steaks were on sale at close to the same price as the round steak. I cubed just one pound of the steak rather than slicing it. This stroganoff was unbelievable! The cubes of steak were tender, juicy, and although in reality they were rather small, the beef felt very substantial. Watch for strip steaks to go on sale.
IMG_2683_1 IMG_2690_1
The second outstanding recipe was Pasta Jambalaya. It’s a fusion of Cajun Jambalaya and a pasta sauce. None of the typical rice is used in this dish, and for Michael’s taste, the more sauce the better.
Do you think we’re eating too much pasta? I have a ham to bake as well as a chicken that needs to be roasted. We’ll see what comes of all that.
Oh, and I did it to myself again… The five pound bag of potatoes I was going to buy cost more than the fifteen pound bag that was on sale. You guessed it. Potato recipes every night! Two people can only use so many spuds.
Be thankful for what life gives you.


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