I thought this was going to be a quiet week…

The only difference between my schedule and that of you folks who work a forty hour week is that you get paid to work and I pay for you to work. This last week was filled with nothing but back to back appointments, and The Sticky Menu Plan had to do its job. Thank goodness it did. Not one single fast food bag graced our trash can.
I don’t remember what I originally had in mind for our Sunday supper, but more of that Beef Stroganoff came out of the freezer.
DSCN1182 (2) IMG_0942_1
I have been trying to whittle down the freezer contents for some time now. I’m afraid I’m way behind schedule for my usual summer freezer defrosting and inventory. By doing a periodic assessment of my freezer contents I almost never have food go to waste.  if you would like to keep your own inventory, click here: Inventory0001
Meatless Monday’s planned dinner was a total wash and this is why. I really do not like it when people do not stand by their word. Case in point: I ordered a potato ricer from a company selling on Amazon. They advertised that the ricer would arrive on Friday or Saturday. With joyful anticipation I posted that I would be making Ricotta Gnocchi on Monday. I even made a batch Of Fresh Ricotta Cheese for the recipe. The ricer did not arrive as promised, but on Sunday and email informed me that it would ship on Tuesday. Tuesday! Really? By the time the darned ricer got here the ricotta would be dead.  I seriously considered canceling the order, but I guess that would be cutting off my nose to spite my face.  OK, Michael, here comes another batch of Ricotta Pancakes, and Ricotta Stuffed Zucchini were substituted for Monday’s gnocchi dinner, plus another container of those stuffed zucchini cluttered up the freezer again. I can’t win! That freezer will never be less than full.
DSCN1430 (2) DSCN1507 (2)
By the time the darned potato ricer arrived the ricotta was long gone and I wasn’t about to make another batch. I’ll put that off till next week. I did learn a new recipe, though, Spaetzle, or German Dumplings. I’ll post that recipe and where it came from next week as well. Until then,
Be thankful for what life give you.


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