This recipe was originally developed for turkey, but is delicious with chicken and pork as well. It makes a lot, but you can freeze it in smaller portions for future use.

1 quart very hot water
1 cup table salt
1 cup brown sugar, packed
1/4 cup dried thyme leaves
1 tablespoon crushed rosemary
2 quarts very cold water

1. In a large Dutch oven, combine the hot water, salt, sugar, and spices. Stir until the salt and sugar are completely dissolved, then add the cold water and let cool
2. Thoroughly wash the turkey inside and out then place in an oven bag and add the brine to cover the bird. Tie the bag off and refrigerate in the Dutch Oven over night or up to 24 hours.
3. Remove the turkey from the brine, discarding the brine, and wash the brine and spices off very well. Allow the bird to rest 30 minutes at room temperature before proceeding with your chosen recipe.

Yield: enough for a 5 lb. turkey breast


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