Hot Garlic Dills

These refreshing pickles are a good way to use those garden cucumbers that “got away”, hiding in the foliage until they are to big and seedy to enjoy as is. After you cut them into spears just trim away the center band of seeds and you’ll have perfectly good pickles.

4 medium cucumbers, cut lengthwise into 6 spears
1 tsp salt
2 heads fresh dill weed
6 sprigs fresh dill weed
2 cloves garlic, halved
2 small hot chili peppers
2 tsp Kosher salt
1 cup white vinegar
1 cup water

1. Cut cucumbers lengthwise into six or more spears,sprinkling with salt as you go. Drain spears into a collander and rinse well.
2. Place one dill head, one clove garlic, one pepper and one teaspoon Kosher salt in the bottom of a clean quart jar with a tight fitting lid. Pack cucumber spears vertically into the jar. Tuck dill sprigs between spears. Top spears with the remaining dill head, garlic, pepper, and Kosher salt.
3. Pour in vinegar to fill the jar half way. Top off with the boiled and cooled water to the very top. Cover the jar tightly and turn back and forth many times to combine ingredients. Open jar, top off again if necessary and recap.
4. Place the jar upside down on a darker corner of your kitchen counter. Rotate the jar top to bottom twice a day for five days. Refrigerate for two days before eating.

Makes 24 pickle spears