The Sticky Menu Plan Workbook

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The Sticky Menu Plan Workbook is a cookbook like no other!
This loose leaf Workbook organizes recipes by chapter and each recipe has its own sticky on an option page. To create your weekly menu, all you have to do is select a recipe from the option pages and place its sticker on your sheet protected calendar. Change your mind? Move your sticky. It’s as simple as that.
When you’re ready to cook, retrieve your recipe from the recipe section. When you’re done, return the recipe and its sticky to their original places.
You can build as you go by adding new recipes with their own stickys. Add your own recipes and stickys as well. Old favorites won’t be forgotten, either. Their sticky will be right there on the option page to remind you.
As a bonus, nutritional values, not available on the web site, are included with each recipe.   This additional information can help you balance your menu plans to suit your personal needs and goals.
Before you know it, The Sticky Menu Plan Workbook will be your place to go with everything you need to succesfully manage your weekly kitchen plans.

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