Electric Pressure Cooker

DSCN1098 (2)

The jury is out on this electric pressure cooker. My original intent for purchasing this appliance was to speed up  broth processing, and it certainly does that, even better than I had hoped. Granted, I still have to strain and chill the broth, then discard the solidified fat and freeze the broth in portions, but what used to take me at least 48 hours can be accomplished in a day. The broth is the richest ever!  I roasted the juiciest four pound chicken in only thirty minutes! Granted, it wasn’t browned, but for my intended use that didn’t matter. On the flip side, browning, which the appliance claims it will do, is a disaster. The bottom of the pot scorches and is almost impossible to clean. In the future, I intend to brown what I need in another pan and then transfer to the pressure cooker. I’ll still come out ahead.
Now my only quandary is where to store the darned thing! With an 8 quart capacity, it’s not small.