Basket-Style Air Fryers

One of the newest entries to the kitchen gadget market is the electric air fryer.
Who doesn’t love to munch on a plate of crispy french fries or a piece of southern fried chicken, only to feel guilty when they’re done? Air fried food can eliminate that guilt. Rather than submerging food in a vat of hot oil, air fryers circulate hot air around food that has been misted with a light coating of oil, creating a crispy crust while saving a nearly all of the fat calories. Air fried food isn’t identical in taste or texture to deep fried, but I certainly think the slight difference is worth the trade.
Air frying is a great concept, but why clutter your counter with yet another electric appliance when this simple basket (paired with a convection oven) will do the trick at a fraction of the cost?  You can find an air frying basket in the kitchen department of most large stores for under $20.00.  I think I paid $12.00 for this one.  My new counter top oven even came with a basket along with the standard racks.
Is air frying a fad or here to stay? I certainly don’t know, but I’m a convert.