Iron Skillets


Although I don’t use it very often, there’s nothing like an iron skillet. Without this skillet, my Cornbread just wouldn’t turn out the same.
Perhaps I would use it more often if I weren’t so careful to preserve its perfectly seasoned finish. When I bought this one, cast iron cookware didn’t come pre-seasoned and it was a long process to get just right. Now you can buy seasoned cookware, but it has to be handled with care. I never use any abrasive cleaners and even avoid soap! Don’t think my skillet is anything but clean, though. I usually wipe the skillet out then fill it with water and boil it on the stove, wipe it out again, and boil a second time if needed. The skillet has to be dried right away to prevent rust. I coat mine with a thin rub of mineral oil before I put it away. An old, cared for iron skillet is practicaly non-stick.
I probably only paid $10.00 for this 8″ one years ago. I haven’t priced them lately, but I’m sure you’d have to pay more now.
UPDATE: I’ve changed my mind and just bought two more iron skillets for general cooking. I love the way they heat so evenly.
After checking the Lodge site, ,I found that a stiff brush aids in cleaning these skillets. Also, while a straight squirt of soap will compromise the seasoning, a little soapy water once in a while will not. The skillets still have to be thoroughly dried and oiled afterward. Lodge also recommends that the skillet be slowly brought up to temperature.
The new 12″ skillet wes on sale for just over $18.00, and the 10″ was about $16.00.


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