Spiralizers are probably just a fad, but they sure are fun! This manual machine will cut any number of vegetables, and some fruits, into long noodle-like strands. If you crave curly fries, this will do it for you. Zucchini noodles, or Zoodles, are a low carb replacement for regular wheat spaghetti, although I really can’t compare the two. I still like my pasta.
I purchased this one on line for $19.99, okay, Twenty bucks! It has a selection of blades for varying thickness and cutting styles. All the parts except the base are dishwasher safe and it’s easy to disassemble for storage.
I have seen simpler models that are just a hand held cone containing a blade, but those cost almost as much. This model uses a suction cup to secure it to the counter top, making it much easier to use. It cut through a sweet potato with no effort at all.
So, if you like to play with your food, this is your toy!