Green Onions or Scallions

IMG_1812_1 IMG_1814_1

Never, well, almost never, buy green onions again when you use this simple trick. If you trim off the root ends of a bunch of green onions and place those in a small container of water the onions will regrow. The bunch of onions in the above pictures are one and the same after only one week. Keeping in mind that water has almost no nutrient value, it’s best to move the onions to a small container of good soil once you notice growth. After the second picture was taken I separated the bunch into single onions and planted them in one of my herb pots. They will be ready anytime I need them and will grow again.
Use green onions anytime you want a milder onion flavor or a puch of colorful garnish. I prefer to add them at the end of cooking time so they don’t just melt away.


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