Contrary to popular belief, Iceburg Lettuce is not food. It’s only a vehicle for salad dressing. If you want lettuce with nutritive value go for a leaf lettuce like red leaf, green leaf, or romaine. There are also specialty lettuces in the store now that add variety in color and texture. Lettuces with texture and deep colors offer the most fiber and vitamins and are not just “rabbit food”.
When selecting your lettuce look for tight bunches with firm, unblemeshed leaves. Almost any bunch of leaf lettuce will have a little bruising on the outer leaves just from handling, but it shouldn’t go beyond that.  Beware of bagged salad blends.  Those are usually older and have lost some dietary value.
Once you have selected your lettuce, treat it with care. Always ask that it be bagged separately or at least on the top. Good lettuce is more fragile than a carton of eggs, but most grocery baggers don’t see it that way!


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