Pink Eyed Peas

Sometimes called “purple hull” or “cow peas” pink eyed peas are a close cousin to the better known black eyed peas. To me, the pink eyes are a little more tender and milder in flavor. They are easy to grow; heat, and to some extent, drought tollerant. I do usually try to water them once or twice just to produce a plumper pea.
Pink eyed peas freeze beautifully with no blanching. I just throw them into freezer bags. They can also be dried for storage, but will take much longer to cook and don’t retain their fresh texture.
Occasionally, a pod will be missed while picking and dry on the plant. These become next years’ seeds.
Sometimes pink eyes can be found in the frozen section of the grocery store, but not often. If you have the room, try growing your own. I think it’s well worth the effort.


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