A hair dryer? Really?

Yep, I frequently bring the hair dryer into the kitchen!
IMG_1016_1 IMG_1019_1
I find it convenient to freeze food in the dish I intend to later bake it in, but who wants to tie up all the baking dishes in the freezer?
Problem solved. I go ahead and use the baking dish as a freezer container by first spraying the dish with non-stick spray, covering the contents with foil, then freezing over night. When the food is solidly frozen I invert the contents onto the foil and use my hair dryer to heat the bottom and sides of the dish until the contents release and drop onto the foil. The food is then ready to be wrapped for storage and my dish is free for another use. This process is safe and sanitary because the food never comes in direct contact with the air from the hair dryer. It is always covered by the inverted baking dish on the foil.


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