Easy Peel Tomatoes and Peaches

Whether I’m working with a large volume of tomatoes or peaches, I use the same method to speed up the peeling process. It’s very simple. I set up a production line, starting with a big pot of boiling water.


I score an X into the bottom of each tomato, then plunge them into the boiling water for just 30 seconds.  I set a timer for that.

As soon as that timer goes off the tomatoes are scooped out and transferred to a waiting bowl of ice water to stop them from cooking.


When the tomatoes (or peaches) have cooled in the ice water their skins have loosened and are easily slipped off.  No knife required.

After the tomatoes are peeled I finish preparing them for sauces by removing the seeds.  The juices are saved by draining the seeds in a strainer set over a bowl.