It’s Saturday, June 11th

This week has been a lot of fun! We started off on Sunday with Father’s Day. Emily had us over for dinner to celebrate. Her Pulled Pork was really good, but the highlight for me was Emily’s Potato Salad.
Meatless Monday was meatless only for me. Bella and Lizzie’s Fathers Day gift to Michael was his much loved chicken liver dinner. I really don’t care for chicken livers, not even the smell, so this dinner is a gift. I just lightly flour chicken livers and saute them in butter. The sides always have to be mashed potatoes and those baby peas that come in the silver can.
While I was at the little local grocery store where I buy the fresh chicken livers a really nice package of cubed steak jumped into the shopping cart, so Tuesday’s Dinner had to be Country Fried Steak with Gravy.

Country Fried Steak with Gravy

Country Fried Steak with Gravy

This really is NOT good for you, but it is a true comfort food here in the South. Of course, it had to be served with another round of mashed potatoes to hold all that gravy.
By Wednesday the guilt set in, so I pulled some Grilled Vegetable Lasagna out of the freezer.IMG_0008
Who knew Vegetables could taste so good? If I hadn’t been lazy, I might have warmed up a little extra Marinara sauce to go on top because I got busy and left the lasagna in the oven a little too long. (Oh well)
Thursday Michael had to have his Mexican fix and Friday was a seafood splurge. Crab legs were on sale, so we splurged and bought two pounds. Yum! To be just a little frugal I turned the leftover mashed potatoes from earlier in the week into Mashed Potato Cakes. Of course, in my rush to dig in before the crab cooled off I forgot to take any photos, so use your imagination!
On the subject of photos, my wonderful husband surprised me with a new camera! Right now I think the camera is smarter than I am, but this old dog can learn new tricks. Be thankful for what life gives you.


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