If wishes were horses then beggars would ride!


Have you ever heard that saying before?

I don’t really know what that old adage has to do with my blog, but I’m kind of tired of folks thinking we have an ATM machine on the back porch. Michael has worked hard all his life, and I try to be as frugal as possible. Get your own life~!!!!

Speaking of frugal, Meatless Monday contributes to that. We love Red beans and Rice. The recipe makes more than one meal, so there are built in left-overs! Less work for me.

We smoked Ribs for Labor Day and they were GREAT! The meat just fell off the bones. I think the secret is to wrap them in foil for a couple of hours after they have absorbed the smoke.


Jen wants us to smoke a pork butt for Xander’s first birthday party. That’s easy enough to do, but Jen will have to plan and cook the rest of the menu.  Maybe Joyce will do his birthday cake.

Find me a pony, please.


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