I’ve been shopping

My freezer, that is.
This week I’ve been updating my freezer inventory and doing a little house keeping. I’m rather proud of the fact that out of all my stash, (I could stock a small grocery store), only one package had been left in the freezer too long and needed to be pitched in the trash. I’m trying to whittle my inventory down a bit, rather than add to it, and for me that’s a hard thing to do.
Sunday we celebrated Kelton’s eighth birthday at, you guessed it, a Mexican restaurant. He must be Michael’s grandson!
Meatless Monday I prepared some fire roasted mushroom ravioli from the freezer. I didn’t have any set recipe, just sauteed a few veggies and made a sauce with a little ricotta. To be honest, the whole dish was rather bland but I don’t know what it needed.
IMG_0902 IMG_0914_1
We celebreated Mardi Gras on Tuesday with a big bang of flavor. I used my recipe for Almost-Famous Bang-Bang Shrimp to make Shrimp Po’Boys. Creole Bread Pudding with Hard Sauce was a delicious and traditional ending to the meal.
IMG_0915_1 IMG_0920_1
I thawed some Quick and Light Cheese Grits to go with the Po’Boys, but at the last minute decided not to serve them. With a House Salad, Po’Boys, and dessert to boot there was just too much food for one dinner. Instead, we used the grits as a base for another Creole dish, Grillades on Wednesday. When deciding how to utilize a pork loin I often simmer a pot of Grillades. A little lean meat goes a long way, and Grillades freeze well for a quick meal.
Thursday was another “Doctor Day” and planned dinner out.
That brings us to Friday, and more Freezer Food. Artichoke, Shrimp, and Mushroom Casserole is one of my favorites. I keep saying I’m going to fix it for Aaron, but somehow that has yet to happen. Maybe I will the next time they come to visit. It just seems that there is always something else going on. I often serve this shrimp dish over brown rice or pasta, but rarely the same way twice in a row.
IMG_0461 IMG_0906_1
Oh, I almost forgot, Carol shared her recipe for Georgia Granola. It’s almost too tasty to be healthy! I couldn’t resist turning the granola into a Georgia Granola Yogurt Parfait . That was the perfect blend of protein and carb. I was full and satisfied well into the day.
The weather is perfect here today, so I need to go do some yard work.
Be thankful for what life gives you.

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