Another week comes to a close

And nothing exciting has happened, but keep reading. A new item was added to the recipe box, Emily’s Chile Rellenos.  More on those later.
For a change, Meatless Monday really was meatless. Eggplant Parmesan seemed appealing, and eggplant was on sale, so that’s what we had. No matter how hard I try, I can never prepare any dish to serve only the two of us for one meal. The other half went into the freezer for another day. Will I ever get that freezer under control?
IMG_0972_1 IMG_0976_1
Emily’s Chile Rellenos were Tuesday’s entree. This recipe is a work in progress, and it’s off to a great start! The stuffed poblanos are very good and not too hard to make, but Emily and I both agreed that a sauce would enhance the presentation.
Another recipe I have been working on is Taco Seasoned Chicken Filling.
Chicken + Low Fat + Mexican can’t be a bad combination, can it?  I plan to use this filling in enchilladas, burritos, and to top taco salads as well as just a taco filling. We had a version of tacos on Wednesday. I tried some new “stand and stuff soft taco shells” but we were not impressed. Our standard soft tortillas would have worked better.
IMG_0977_1 IMG_0979_1
Thursday I made yet another effort to reduce my freezer inventory by pulling out a package of meat sauce.  As usual, I couldn’t leave well enough alone and added some extra veggies. What should have been a simple meal for two morphed into dinner for four. OK, guess what we’re having on Saturday?
Friday’s fish came in the form of shrimp, but I didn’t fix it. We ate out. I can’t be frugal all the time!
Be thankful for what life gives you.


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