If you don’t start you can’t finish!

I’m guilty. I’ve fallen into the “I don’t have time” trap.
I too often tell myself that:
A. I don’t have time to sit down and work on my blog for the hour or so that I “think” it will take to accomplish anything worthwhile. Or…
B. I don’t have time to sit down and work on my blog because there are other things I “should” be doing. Or…
C. I don’t have time to “play” with the things I enjoy, like my blog, because there are others who need my attention.
In fact, all of the above apply to many facets of my life, but they are not reasons, they are excuses that waste my time.
Enough of that! I need to get started.
Here are some of the highlights of the time I’ve been AWOL.
I can just about tell what time of year it is by what is featured in the grocery ads. During the warm months a lot of the sale meats are things to be grilled or for other simple, light preparations. As the days grow shorter and cooler the ads feature comfort foods. I was delighted to find boneless chuck roast at a good price so we could have a crock pot full of Eight Hour Pot Roast and Vegetables.  Another chuck roast was ground for a big fall pot of Chili.
IMG_1482_1 IMG_0542
Along with the chili I made a pan of Iron Skillet Corn Bread, but as you’ll see in a minute, that cornbread served a duel purpose.
Fall ads also start to feature turkey in anticipation of the holidays. I always purchase one early, not because we are particularly fond of turkey, but because I don’t like mixing chicken broth into my turkey gravy or dressing. I cook a turkey breast ahead of time to make broth for the freezer. While we enjoy turkey the day it’s roasted, Michael and I don’t care for the taste of a re-heated bird or turkey casseroles. Two people can only eat so many sandwiches or so much soup, but don’t worry, the rest doesn’t go to waste. Bella and Lizzie appreciate their turkey in place of the chicken in a recipe of Bella and Lizzies Chicken and Brown Rice with Veggies.
IMG_1498_1 IMG_1485_1
Remember that skillet of cornbread that was served with the chili? After it got intentionally stale, I used it to make Cornbread Dressing to go with the Roast Turkey Breast and Roast Turkey Gravy. Michael is a gravy lover, so we had to have some Mashed Potatoes as well. Oven roasted asparagus, White Wheat Refrigerator Rolls, and Coconut Cream Meringue Pie rounded out the meal.
IMG_0474 IMG_1491_1
OK, we had a mini Thanksgiving dinner, but it all went for a good cause!  Bella and Lizzie have a new batch of their special food, (no they don’t get it every day!) and I have my turkey broth in the freezer.
Be thankful for what life gives you.


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