It’s Here!

The Sticky Menu Plan Workbook is done! Stuffed full of 125 sheet protected recipes and their own stickys, The Workbook is ready to share.  You can Enter for a chance to Win your very own copy. I’ll ship it straight to your door for free!  Of course, if you don’t feel lucky, it’s available for purchase too.   Plus Packs, with even more recipes, are soon to follow. Whew!
As busy as I’ve been, I’ve still had my kitchen to run. Sunday we tried a recipe that I saw on Good Morning America for Mississippi Roast. I actually prepared the recipe exactly as it was written, if you can believe that. The outcome was pretty good, but I would reduce the amount of butter. A full stick of butter is just too much.  Half is plenty.
IMG_2725_1 IMG_2729_1
The leftovers made excellent Drippy Beef Sandwiches. No recipe is needed here. You just shred the beef back into the juices in the pot, then pile the drippy mess onto toasted whole wheat hoagie rolls. Be sure to toast your rolls or they will quickly become very soggy from all those beef juices.
While we were in Tennessee checking on Michael’s mother we enjoyed a new Mexican entree, Pollo Bravo. It was a seasoned chicken breast grilled with onions and mushrooms, then topped with a sour cream sauce. I plan to make a point of going back to order it again this week so I can take notes and try to recreate it.
The rest of the week I was happy to rely on my freezer food. My “Freezer Food” is not at all the prepared dinners that come ready to eat TV dinner style. Our freezer food is usually a casserole, side dish, or portion of a meal that I have divided from a regular cooking session to stash in the freezer. When you cook for two, most recipes just make too much, so I separate it in the beginning rather than deal with leftovers. If you have a larger family, I urge you to double recipes when you can. Having your own stash of freezer food will save time, and often money as well. Just be sure to wrap it well against freezer burn.
Anyway, Thursday I dove into the freezer for a pan of Ham Tetrazzini.  Plain ham doesn’t seem to freeze well because the juices in the ham crystalize and change both the taste and texture, but as long as the ham is protected by a sauce or broth it does just fine. I did add a little extra milk to the casserole while it was warming in the oven. The Tetrazzini was just as good as when I originally made it.
IMG_1642_1 IMG_2177_1
Alabama Coast Gumbo came out of the freezer, as well. All I had to do was add rice. There are a couple of more containers of gumbo in the freezer, just waiting to rescue me on a busy day.
Be thankful for what life gives you.


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