My Meat Grinding Marathon!

OK, so I get a little carried away, but it’s all for a good cause. I love to grind my own meat. It’s economical if you find the right cuts of meat on sale, you controll the fat ratio, and most importantly, you know what you’re eating… no scraps off the butcher’s floor.
So here’s what happened. I bought just one pound of New York strip steak, a little over 7 pounds of boneless chuck roast, and about 4 pounds of pork steak and spent $35.80 for it all. When I was through I had 22 dinners for two, plus 6 lunches and some pork broth, at an average cost of $1.49 per meal.
Here’s the breakout:
Meatballs – 8 meals
Taco Seasoned Beef – 5 meals
Steak Burgers – 4 meals
Salisbury Steak – 3 meals
Plain pork pieces for future recipes – 2 meals
Krystal Style Sliders – 6 lunches
I simmered the pork bones to make broth for my Vegan Red Beans and Rice, which weren’t then Vegan, but still worked for Meatless Monday.


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