Let’s Try Again. It’s Saturday, May 11th

OK, the new main computer is up and running, but now I’m on the low end of the tech learning curve again. That’s alright, it makes me happy to learn new things.
Last Sunday we went to Emily’s for dinner, hot dogs and hamburgers. I took some Roasted Garlic Potato Salad and the latest version of my Layered Fresh Strawberry Pie. While we don’t always have dessert, we had two that day! Emily likes to play in the kitchen, too (when she has time). She’s been working on a chocolate cake with a chocolate peanut butter glaze. It was really good, so when she’s happy with her recipe we’ll post it here.
The rest of the week was confused by the computer crash. Monday’s Broccoli and Mushroom Quiche was predictably good. We had the leftovers on our long day, Thursday, along with the usual House Salad with My Buttermilk Dressing. Tuesday’s Beef Fajitas were not so good. I tried to take a shortcut and use pre-cooked steak strips. I won’t do that again! The peppers and onions that were prepped by the recipe were fine, but the meat had an off taste. We did have a good batch of Guacamole to go with them. I need to make Wednesday’s Meatball Stroganoff again this week. It’s always good, but I forgot to take any pictures. While the Meatballs were thawing and I had some nice big mushroom caps I came up with a new dish, Meatball Stuffed Mushrooms. At first, Michael turned up his nose at the idea, but they didn’t stay on his plate for long! I didn’t remember to take those pictures either, so let’s try again.
I rather enjoy the fact that the computer crash put me a week behind. I have learned that when I try to make a recipe exactly as I have written it, there are more often than not changes that need to be made. Some time in the near future I am going to make “This Week’s Plan” retroactive. That way, if you choose to access a recipe it will be the most current version. I’ll also have more photos.
I think the theme for this week will be “use it up”. Every so often I look in my refrigerator and freezers and realize that I have way too much! Quilters collect fabric and I collect food. That seems to happen when one is cooking for only two. I started with Roasted Red Pepper and White Bean Dip. All the ingredients were taking up real estate in the refrigerator or pantry. I’m even going to find a way to use what we don’t snack on tonight as a sauce for some sort of Mediterranean Pasta. That should be interesting.
Be thankful for what life gives you.


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