This week I played Hop Scotch with my menu

That’s the beauty of The Sticky Menu Plan! When I sit down and choose from my recipe options to make up the week’s menu, nothing is carved in stone. It’s a guideline. There are things I take into consideration, like what’s on the calendar and what’s on sale at the store, but other than making sure all the groceries are on hand and no perishables go bad, I can do anything I like. So I did. TOUR THE WORLD TUESDAY slid to Friday. FISHY FRIDAY jumped back to Wednesday. THANKFUL THURSDAY’s dinner was grilled on Tuesday. You’ll see!
We started out the week on Sunday at Aaron’s house after Xander’s birthday party on Saturday. All of them like the big breakfasts at Cracker Barrell resteraunt so that’s what we did. We left from there and came home to bail Bella and Lizzie out of the vet’s. Since Michael was over-stuffed from all that breakfast, and I from pigging out at the party, we just had sandwiches for dinner. Who says one has to make a huge dinner every Sunday?
Meatless Monday was a catch up day for things we didn’t do over the weekend, so we kept things simple again. Grilled Cheese with Onions and Fresh Tomato Soup worked just fine.
004 IMG_0219
Now, let the games begin… Tuesday’s weather report, (which is never right, so why do I listen?), predicted rain for Thursday. I had planned to have Bacon Cheeseburger Rolls that day but it’s no fun to grill in the rain, so we just switched things around a bit and grilled on Tuesday. Those are so yummy!
IMG_0460 IMG_0489
Whoops, why did I plan to have crab legs on Friday when Kelton has a ball game? We like to tak our time and savor every morsel. King Crab Legs don’t go an sale very often, and I hated to pass them up. Just another switch and we enjoyed them on Wednesday instead.
All that switching around left me two menu choices, and since Thursday was a slow day I made a double batch of Grillades. Grillades are served over cheese grits. My every day version is Quick and Light Cheese Grits. Those are so easy and good any time of the day.
IMG_0492 IMG_0501
Kelton’s game on Friday was really late. We should have eaten before we left, but I was working on other things. We were glad to have a slow cooker full of Meatballs with peppers, mushrooms, and zucchini in Eggplant Marinara waiting for us. All I had to do was boil up some pasta and we were good to go. Be thankful for what life gives you.


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