Just when I think Life can’t get much busier it does

This week has been a whirl-wind and I loved it!
Thanks to my Sticky Menu Plan we were able to enjoy all the activity and still eat very well. I heard a statistic this week that really dismayed me, though. The average American family eats fast food an average of four times a week! I really believe that if one just sits down and looks at their calendar for the week this can be avoided. Sure, nothing ever goes strictly according to plan, but if you have some idea what your options are I think dinner emergencies can be avoided. Even a simple ham and cheese sandwich with a piece of fruit is an easy out-the-door dinner and a lot more affordable to boot. It’s soon going to be crock pot season as well. A little planning goes a long way.
OK, off my soap box.
Sunday was fairly leisurely, so I had time to make my Sunday Pot Roast and planned the leftovers for Wednesday. Squash Casserole was a good side dish. I work all summer freezing fresh veggies, and then I forget to use them. I’ve got to try harder.
IMG_0500 IMG_0274
Meatless Monday was the day I decided I was going to have to get things accomplished around here, no cooking, so out of the freezer came Broccoli and Mushroom Stuffed Shells. That’s one of those recipes that makes a lot, so you might as well freeze an extra meal or two. They freeze well and reheat easily in the oven. These shells taste much better than my photo looks. I need to work on that.
Tuesday was another on of our quick and easy favorites, Taco Salad Our Way. We make it “Our Way” by setting out a variety of easy condiments to choose from. Guacamole for Two is a must.
IMG_0174 IMG_0171
Wednesday was the pre-planned leftover pot roast. How easy is that?
IMG_0471 IMG_0488
Then came Thursday. Poor little Lizzie has been limping again. She has had surgery on both knees, so we were afraid her left leg might have to be done again, but it’s not that simple. It seem that along with advanced arthritis she may have a ruptured cruciate ligament, and that’s a whole different issue. The jury is still out, so keep your fingers crossed that we may be able to treat it with meds and not another surgery.
On a lighter note, Thursday’s dinner was one of my favorites. New York Speidies is a childhood favorite. Grilled Asparagus was a quick and tasty side dish.
IMG_0058 IMG_0474
Friday was dinner out, but not because we weren’t cooking. Michael smoked a Boston butt on his Big Green Egg to make Pulled Pork Barbeque. I also made a batch of Big Bob Gibson’s White Sauce to serve with it. We cooked the pork ahead of time because Saturday was Xander’s big day. It was his first birthday, so of course he had to have a party. It was fun, with great food and lots of friends. As you can see, Xander enjoyed it most of all!
20131012_142742 20131012_143137
Be thankful for what life gives you.


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