Often, one thing leads to another

After a long winter of neglect, Michael decided it was time to clean out the garage. He has always held the dream of actually getting both the car and the truck into our two car garage. (Not going to happen!) He also got a nice new miter saw for his birthday, so that needed to be played with, right? Organization, plus a new tool equals a new project! We spent last week building phase one of the Great Garage Project.
IMG_1137_1…. IMG_1138_1
Phase one worked out wonderfully, and we are anxious to begin phase two, but the check book will have to catch up first. Why did that imaginary ATM on the back porch have to run out of cash?
Taking on a big project has added advantages. We moved more and ate less. By necessity, I spent little time in the kitchen as well. Most of our meals came from the freezer or were very simple to prepare.
Monday was spent planning the project, so I had time to play with my new food processor. The new machine cranked out a Whole Wheat Pizza Crust with no effort at all. After a 45 minute rise a Veggie Pizza was ready to go. Who needs take-out?  This one was fresher and better.
IMG_0326…. IMG_0422
Oh, I almost forgot Sunday’s Two Chicken Pot Pies. They were straight from the freezer and tasted as good as the first day the rest of the batch was prepared.
Tuesday was errand day in town, which included picking up the building supplies. Michael didn’t have to twist my arm to enjoy a late lunch at Rosies Cantina before coming home to prepare to start our project the next morning.
The rest of the week was a blur, no pictures taken. The freezer provided Stuffed Peppers and Steak Burgers for Wednesday and Thursday. Fishy Friday was just Tuna Salad served on a House Salad. Sometimes simple is best.
Be thankful for what life gives you.


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