It’s been a quiet week

But by looking at my calendar I know that it’s just the calm before the storm. There are upcoming hair appointments, medical appointments, vet appointments, and the fall baseball season is starting. Whew! The Sticky Menu Plan is going to get quite the work out.
Last Saturday was the first Alabama football game of the year. I must admit, the game was a bit of a disappointment, but at least they won. Traitionally we make a trip to Star Market before the game for Michael’s take-and-bake Terry’s Pizza. We hadn’t been since last season, but the man who always fixes Michael’s order remembered us and knew exactly what to prepare. We pigged out on Baked Potato Skins at half time and saved the pizza for after the game.
IMG_1382_1 IMG_0796
I hope all of you had a great Labor Day. Ours was quiet by choice, just Michael and I. Although we may have skipped the party we didn’t skip the food. Michael Smoked Ribs and I made a batch of Roasted Garlic Potato Salad along with some  Coleslaw, Krazy Jane Style. We still had peaches left from our stop at Durban Farms on the way home from the beach, so the last of them made one more Fresh Peach Pie.
IMG_0116 027
It was all good, but not so good for our diets. Of course, in the spirit of not wasting food, we had to polish off the leftovers on Tuesday. I never did figure out how my mother was going to get all the food I left on my plate to the “children who are starving in China” if I didn’t finish it myself.
There were a couple of new menu items this week. Wednesday we had Two Sauce Lasagna. Three meals of that went into the freezer for later. Fishy Friday was my Tuna Salad, but with a twist. It was served in an avacado half over a big bed if spinach, red leaf lettuce, summer tomatoes, and red bell peppers. Yum!
IMG_1383_1 IMG_1407_1
I thought peach season was about over, but not so fast. The other day, another big basket of peaches jumped into my shopping cart and begged me to take them home. The peaches were marked down in price since a couple of the peaches on the top of the basket were badly bruised, but all the rest were still fine. This fruit came from a local peach orchard, and I think it was just as good as  what we brought home from Chilton County.  Now I had another greatly appreciated basket of peaches to deal with. Old Fashioned Peach Cobbler and Peach Preserves were the result.
IMG_1400_1 IMG_1401_1
Be thankful for what life gives you.


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