I’m Cooking!

After nearly two weeks of being the victim of one of the nastiest head colds I can remember, I’m finally up and running. Thank goodness for Michael, grilled cheese and tomato soup, and homemade freezer food!
Unlike most of my posts, this one will be really short. Some of you may consider that a good thing, Here are a couple of recipes from the days before my head exploded.
I try to keep up with my freezer inventory, but sometimes I miss doing that. The Bean and Ham Soup I was craving didn’t exist, so I winged it with what I could scrounge up and came up with a new recipe for Loaded Lentil Soup that was really good. Luckily, I wrote the recipe down as I went because I believe it’s a keeper.
IMG_1574_1 IMG_1579_1
I also worked on my Patty Melt recipe. I wasn’t able to reduce the calories and fat as much as I hoped, even though I gave it my best shot, so I guess they will remain an occasional treat. The scaled back version tasted just as good as the original though. I’ll go with that.
I’m feeling much better now and have a lot of cooking to do.
Be thankful for what life gives you.


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