Bump, Bump, Bump

That’s the sound of The Sticky Menu Plan doing its job! I started the week with good intentions, but as early as Monday everything started to slip. Stickers slid down the calendar as if the were on the slide at a children’s playground.
We started off the week with a traditional Sunday Dinner of Simple Roast Chicken with a pan sauce. Low-Carb Mixed Potato Mash stood the place of the usual mashed potatoes,and I pulled some Summer Squash Casserole out of the freezer as well.
IMG_1596_1 IMG_1600_1
Michael isn’t particularly fond of Meatless Monday, and that’s when the menu started to change. Somehow, pork chops made it to Monday’s dinner table. I don’t know what I did differently when I cooked them, or if they were just inferior chops, but they were not at all good. Flavorless might be an accurate description.
Monday’s Butternut Ravioli II slid to Tuesday and were much more satisfying than the pork chops. I cooked the ravioli with a little bacon and caramelized onions and sprinkled them with Parmesan cheese. Technically, adding the bacon made this dish no longer meatless, but it sure did add to the appeal. I need to work a little on that recipe variation.  I had some Basic Caramelized Onions stashed away, but I don’t always keep them on hand.  I think I should develop a short cut for the caramelized onions.  I do think revising the recipe will be worth the effort.
IMG_1606_1 IMG_1593_1
Tuesday’s planned leftovers slid to Wednesday. Last Saturday I started a pot of My Chicken and Dumplings, another true comfort food that we really enjoy but do take a little time to prepare. Chicken and dumplings seem to be one of those stews that are good the day you make them, but are even better a day or two later, and they certainly were delicious on Wednesday.
Thursday and Friday were a total wash. We ate out both nights. Thursday’s dinner was pretty much in the plan, since it was a “Doctor Day”.  Friday we wound up going out to celebrate Kaij’s twelfth birthday. Originally we were to join Emily, Kaij, and Kelton on Sunday. What were we thinking, or forgetting!?  Sunday is the Super Bowl and we have to stay home and watch the commercials.
Be thankful for what life gives you.


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