Gardening time is finally here!

I think Spring is my favorite season of the year. I love how everything starts anew, especially the promise of a newly planted garden. Come mid-summer, when I spend hours on end processing all that fresh produce, I may question why I felt that wonderful anticipation, but when our garden has stopped growing I will happily harvest the fruits of our labor straight from the freezer.
A few years ago, Michael built a raised bed out of landscape blocks for our tomatoes. Inspite of all the benefits, the one drawback to a raised bed is that it sometimes drains too well.  We have tried many watering methods, including soaker hoses, but I have yet to find any way that is truly efficient.  This year we are borrowing an idea from an older man we know who is a very successful gardener.  George uses perforated PVC piping buried at an angle under each tomato plant to deliver water right to the roots.  I am eagerly anticipating that this may be the best way yet.  After the days get a little warmer and I  add a planting of pink eyed peas to the bed, I’ll have to top-water those, but pink eyes are more drought tollerant and don’t require as much water.
IMG_1760_1 IMG_1746_1
Along with gardening time, it’s baseball season, and that complicates my menu planning. Some of Kelton’s game are at 5:15 or 7:15 on weeknights. That’s right in the middle of our dinnertime. I have a hard time getting dinner ready any earlier than that, so I guess quick and easy is best. I need to work on simplifying our meals. Zucchini and Caramelized Onion Quiche was good on Meatless Monday when I had some time to cook, and  the quiche made planned leftovers for Wednesday’s game night. Planning is what it’s all about!
Be thankful for what life gives you.


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