My stickies have spring fever and they’re jumping all over the place

This last week was probably the busiest of the spring when Easter Sunday and Michael’s birthday both happened the same week.  Almost all of my recipes for the week started with Easter dinner and morphed from there. Pictures were few, as usual when I’m busy,  but there were plenty of recipes prepared.
Easter dinner started with a batch of Deviled Eggs, this time prepared by Emily. It has become an Easter tradition to make these from the eggs that the kids dye.
IMG_1713_1 IMG_1732_1
We also enjoyed Caramelized Onion Spread and an Easy Cheese Ball that I shaped like a carrot, rolled in more finely shredded cheese, and added green onions for the stem.
The main event of course featured a Baked Ham. We all have been thinking of reducing our carb intake, particularly the white ones. As a contribution to that effort, my Brown Butter Cauliflower Mash stood in for the usual mashed potatoes and the Easy Creamy Mac’n Cheese was made with reduced carb pasta. Simply seasoned green beans rounded out the sides and Aaron and Jen contributed a loaf of artisan bread.
Michael’s birthday was celebrated with a Rich Coconut Layer Cake, another cake that is reserved for special occasions.
IMG_1740_1 IMG_1739_1
I keep a stash of numeral birthday candles, but neglected to check for the required numbers, so you’ll have to guess how old the birthday boy is!
After dinner the kids all scrambled to hunt for filled eggs, and I do mean scrambled, since some of the eggs are filled with candy and some with money. Michael made sure there were plenty to go around.
A plate of Rice Crispies Treats were shaped like eggs by using on of the plastic eggs as a mold. They held a surprize malted milk ball egg inside.
IMG_1730_1 IMG_0367
I have an unfounded fear that I will not have prepared enough food for everyone when we entertain. As a result, we eat leftovers for days. This time was no exception. Leftover ham is excellent when sandwiched into a Sweet Potato Biscuit.
Michael’s actual birthday broke the leftover cycle. We enjoyed lunch at the Big River Grill in Chattanooga. Michael ordered their Grilled Italian Meatloaf and I tried the Lobster and Shrimp Stuffed Enchiladas. Michael has gotten the meatloaf in the past, and I made an attempt to recreate it at home. We think the resulting recipe is pretty close. The enchiladas are new to the menu, and I may try to duplicate them as well. The trick will be in the lobster’s cooking method. I’m not sure which way to go on that. We’ll see.
In case you’re wondering where all those spring fevered stickies jumped to, they jumped to next week’s menu. The leftovers nudged them out.
Be thankful for what life gives you.


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