Sometimes when you’re forced to punt you kick a field goal

That’s what happened last week when I was trying to recreate the Lobster and Shrimp Enchiladas that I enjoyed at Big River Grill in Chattanooga. Lobster can be expensive, but lobster tails go on sale at our grocery store fairly frequently. By the time they did go on sale and I went to purchase mine the store was sold out. I already had my sauces made, so it was time to punt. I substituted a high quality imitation crab and the resulting Seafood Enchiladas were delicious. I made them twice last week to make sure there weren’t any big problems with the recipes for both the enchiladas and the sauces that I used, and was very happy with the results. They were served with Salsa Rice and black beans.
IMG_1779_1 IMG_0091
On that same visit to Big River Grill Michael once again ordered their Grilled Italian Meatloaf. He was a little disappointed to find that this time they had eliminated the tangy sauce. I had copied that recipe as best I could last year, so we grilled some of our version last Sunday. I’ll have to make another meatloaf to replenish our stock.
Meatless Monday wasn’t meatless. Emily sent us a text at 3:00 that afternoon to tell us that Kelton had a baseball game that evening. Freezer food to the rescue! I pulled a package of chili out and doctored up a package of corn muffin mix. In no time at all we had Tamale Pie for dinner.
Tuesday we splurged on a new seafood restaurant where I tried the shrimp and grits. Although they did use tasso ham, which I have been unable to find in any of our local stores, I found their sauce to be too runny and lemony for my taste. The grits were on the dry side and didn’t have much flavor. I like my recipe better, but to each his own.
Both Wednesday and Friday I worked on the Seafood Enchiladas. Yumm. Can you guess what my favorite type of food is?
Thursday I had planned to pull some Chicken, Broccoli, and Mushroom Stuffed Shells out of the freezer, but noticed that pork cutlets were on sale. We indulged in Country Style Pork Cutlets instead. Any meat simmered in gravy isn’t the healthiest, but we do enjoy it on occasion.
The strawberries are in at Brown Farms! I’ll be busy with strawberry recipes next.
Be thankful for what life gives you.


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