Way to go, Kelton!

At Monday’s baseball game Kelton hit a home run with two bases loaded and made the game winning run. We were centainly glad that we were there to see it!
Luckily, the game was a late one, so we were able to eat before we went. We observed Meatless Monday with Quinoa Confetti Stuffed Zucchini . The recipe makes 4 servings, so I already had some of the stuffing in the freezer from a previous meal. All I had to do was prepare the zucchini boats and pop it all in the oven. An extra zucchini was sauteed in a skillet until it caramelized and was served on the side.
IMG_1790_1 IMG_1796_1
It’s strawberry time again, but my time has been very short this year and I wasn’t able to take full advantage of the crop. A new recipe for Strawberry Banana Bread did make it to the oven though. It will come in handy next week!

OK, I got busy and I forgot to post this a whole month ago! Check back in a few days and you’ll find out why.


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