Vacation’s over and I’m on the mend

A lot has gone on since I wrote my last post. Mid-May was spent in our favorite place on Earth, St. George Island. St. George is definately not part of the “Redneck Riviera” like some Gulf Coast beaches. In fact, there is very little to do there but walk the beach, watch the dolphins, or eat, and that’s why we love it. Apalachicola is only a short drive away on the Mainland for those who desire the tourist experience. However, this year’s visit was bitter-sweet. We have rented the same house for the past 16 years, and it truly did feel like a second home, but after this visit dogs will not be welcome and we’ll have to find a new place to rent. I’m afraid our vacation will never be the same.
IMG_1806_1 IMG_1801_1
After we returned home I had a short pre-planned stay in the hospital. I’m doing well, but did take a little time off. Now I have to get back to work!
One of the reasons I started using my Sticky Menu Plan was to have the flexibility to cook what we feel like eating without wasting any groceries. That’s exactly what I did last Sunday. I had planned a Greek dish, but that just didn’t sound good at the time, so Michael fixed The Brat Tub on the grill.  We enjoyed to brats with Slow-Cooked Baked Beans for a simple and relaxing dinner.
IMG_1823_1 IMG_1826_1
The next day we skipped Meatless Monday in favor of Sunday’s slated entree, Big Spring Jam Greek Chicken Salad. With a few extra veggies thrown in, it tasted much better on Monday than it would have the day before and the chicken is only a small part of the dish, so it was almost meatless. That’s my story, anyway.
Tour the World Tuesday I served an old stand-by, Beef and Bean Burritos. I almost always have some Taco Seasoned Beef in the freezer. By adding a few pantry and produce staples, these burritos are a quick and easy meal that we enjoy often. (Whops! No picture! We enjoy these burritos so often I though for sure I had taken a picture before.?) Anyway, the bean part is Simple Refried Beans, also from the freezer, and Salsa Rice rounds it all out.
IMG_1773_1 IMG_0171
A little bowl of Guacamole made this meal taste like we were in one of our Mexican restaurants. Now where are the margaritas?
Friday evening was spent down in Birmingham at the Ragtime Cafe. Happy 42nd Anniversary, Michael!
Be thankful for what life gives you.


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