Strawberry Season was Gone in a Flash!

But not before I got to try out a couple of yummy new recipes…

The first was a simple Strawberry Cake. Although this cake is simple to make, starting with a boxed cake mix, it is no less special. A layer of strawberry filling brings a punch of berry flavor and a creamy topping adds a touch of decadence. One can bake one large sheet cake or split it into two rounds and freeze half for later or to share.

My scaled down Strawberry Slab Pie makes six to nine servings, rather than the large 16-or-so serving version. I think any recipe using fresh berries tends to soon start weeping and getting soggy. Making this smaller pie eliminates that problem. Once you start eating, it’s hard to stop.  A thin layer of cream cheese filling help protect the crispy crust, as well.

I hope you had a good Memorial Day!  The weather here wasn’t much to write home about, but it certainly could have been much, much worse.  Luckily, when we are smoking in our Big Green Egg all Michael has to do is set it and forget it.  Our traditional Smoked Ribs were no problem, even in the rain. I couple of bastings with homemade Rib Sauce and these messy marvels were cooked to perfection.  Don’t forget the napkins!

Nothing goes better with ribs than potato salad. This year I tried something a bit different, Two Potato Potato Salad. This version of the old classic combines two kinds of potatoes, russets and baby reds, for an interesting combination of textures. It’s creamy and chunky both at the same time. I don’t care for mustard in my potato salad, but you could certainly add it. Also, we prefer dill pickles, but if sweet pickles are more to your liking you can certainly use those instead.  Remember, except in baking, most recipes are just a guideline.  Add or subtract ingredients at will and make that recipe your own.

And as always, be thankful for what life gives you.


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