Happy Fall, Y’All !

Fall is finally here. Finally. This afternoon it’s a beautiful, sunny, crisp 61 degrees. The daytime temperatures here in North Alabama never fell into the 70’s until October 11th, and that was only for a couple of days. It was still in the 80’s on the 15th. I think Mother Nature is somewhat confused this year. The trees are still gloriously green, and I’m not complaining. There’s still plenty of time for the trees to change into their fall foliage, and time to get into the “Fall Foods” of stews and braises. For now, we’re still grinnin’ and grillin’.

Tequila Lime Chicken frequently falls onto our grills. After a quick marinade this succulent chicken cooks up in no time and you can count on it to be reliably tender and juicy. While we’ve got the grill fired up we often throw on some zucchini as a side. I just brush it with olive oil and sprinkle with whatever seasoning appeals to me at the time, often just garlic salt and black pepper. Zucchini is a blank canvas.

It seems that we, like many of the rest of you, frequently rely on boneless chicken breasts for dinner. With endless preparation possibilities I rarely get bored. My latest entree was Easy Chicken Cordon Bleu . Wrapped in puff pastry and baked, this Cordon Bleu is much simpler to prepare than the traditional breaded and fried version, and it’s less messy as well.

The onset of fall brings an end to tomato season. I always hate to see those fresh garden tomatoes go. There’s nothing to compare. The last of this summer’s crop went into an Italian Tomato Pie. What better way to say goodbye for the season to my favorite summer produce.

The end of tomato season brings in apple time.  I can never resist buying half a bushel or more, but then when I get them home I have to figure out how I want to use them.  Worry not, I have countless apple recipes, but with my self-confessed low threshold of boredom I’m always looking for more.  This year’s newest is Washington Apple Cake. Fortunately, this moist bundt cake stays fresh longer than most. It’s hard for the two of us to polish of a whole cake, but we managed!

On a sad note, Michael and I feel certain compassion for the folks of the Florida Panhandle. We spent the first night of our honeymoon at Mexico Beach. Although we haven’t stayed there since, we drive through every year on the way to our St. George vacation. The last time was this past Labor Day week. Little did we know. It will never be the same again. But still…

Be thankful for what life gives you.


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