Happy Saturday!

Even though Michael and I are both retired (but still working!), we have held on to that weekend mentality. We tend to stay really productive during the week, but come the weekend it’s time to do just what we want. I think I like it that way.
This week I cleaned out and organized my chest freezer and some of the upright one. I was pretty proud of myself in that very little had to be thrown away. Chest freezers are notorious for hiding food in the bottom, never to be seen again. I have found a way around that problem. I organize food by groups in those rectangular reusable grocery store bags. The newer items are stored on the bottom, and the older on top. The reusable bag handles make it easy to shift things around and retrieve what I want. In the upright freezer I sort into plastic sweater boxes, no lids. One for beef, one for chicken, etc.. By organizing this way and keeping a freezer inventory I can usually tell what needs to be used and not wasted. I have a lot of tomatoes and blueberries to use!
Now for The Sticky Menu Plan…We started out Sunday with Two Part Chicken. I love that recipe! Just make sure you use the finishing sauce only at the end. It caramelizes quickly. I try to make Michael one dessert a week, so this week it was a Peach-Blueberry Upside-Down Cake, another way to use those blueberries.
IMG_0141 IMG_0135
I knew Monday would be a long day, so Meatless Monday slid to Tuesday. Monday we had Smoky Chicken Barbecue Sandwiches. Since we grilled extra chicken on Sunday, dinner was ready in about 15 minutes and that’s a record for me.  We ate in such a hurry I forgot to take any photos again.
For our meatless Tuesday I played with Potato Gnocchi. They turned out great! I guess I just got lucky, but this batch of gnocchi were soft little pillows with a melt in your mouth texture. I served them with some of my freezer stash, Roasted Vegetable Medley in Eggplant Marinara.
IMG_0144 SAM_0271
Whatever Wednesday was Forth of July Rib Burgers . The recipe for Rib Sauce that we use on our Smoked Ribs makes about a quart and it keeps well, so I almost always have some to use on these burgers. They have an authentic smoked rib flavor but are much healthier.
Thursday was more Freezer Food, this time Company Beef Stew in Mashed Potato Bowls. It’s a good recipe, one I’ve made several times, but for some reason it just didn’t hit the spot. Maybe it’s just to warm out for stew.
Fishy Friday was a Failure! Here in the Gulf Coast States, shrimp are abundant as are the recipes to prepare them. Lobster, not at all. One of our grocery stores advertised a special on lobster tails, and being a lobster lover but frugal by nature I thought Lobster Rolls sounded like fun. I guess I need to think again. Enough said.
To top it all off, Michael and I were sitting out back just before dinner when we heard something knocking around in the kitchen. Bella was just finishing off the last of my Parmesan crusted zucchini coins that were sitting on the counter. BAD DOG!!! Well, I guess things don’t always go as planned. Be thankful for what life gives you.


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