I knew this week would be better…

And it was! It wasn’t ALL smooth sailing, but then life would be pretty boring if that was the case, but chalk it up to a good week.
Oh, and welcome Harrison BLAKE !!! Our friends Carol and Randy’s first grandchild.
We were pleased to have Aaron, Jen, and Xander (our son & his family) show up for the weekend. We stayed on the move, so there was a lot of snacking and mini-meals. Michael made his Queso Dip, which is always a hit, and quite over shadowed my Roasted Eggplant and Garbanzo Spread. Shoot, cheese trumps eggplant any day.
IMG_0215 IMG_0200
I made a batch of Egg Salad Spread as a foil for more of our homegrown tomatoes in sandwiches. Tomatoes were also the base of a really good Fresh Tomato Soup. I froze part of the soup for our Simple Saturday dinner. I think I’ll dress up some grilled cheese sandwiches to go with that soup.
IMG_0203 IMG_0219
After Aaron, a quasi vegetarian, left on Sunday I was ready to revert to my carnivore ways. Pork Chops Smothered in Mushroom Gravy may not have been the most healthful choice, but it sure tasted good, especially when paired with Mashed Potatoes For Two, which are also on my list of dishes to be enjoyed only occasionally.  Since Meatless Monday happened to be Freezer Food, Whole Grain Stuffed Poblanos, I had time to bake a batch of White Wheat Refrigerator Rolls. This time I didn’t burn them!
IMG_0212 IMG_0209
Tuesday’s international entree was a big hit! My Baked Ravioli was excellent, even if I do say so myself. The portions were generous enough that I froze half for the future and we had leftovers on Thursday. I also made my new Peaches and Cream Cake. It didn’t turn out the way I had pictured it, but we haven’t minded eating it all up. Looks aren’t everything.
IMG_0221 IMG_0232
Whatever Wednesday we enjoyed Two Chicken Pot Pie. When I looked at the nutritional stats for the Thyme Pastry for Pot Pies I realized we probably enjoyed them too much.
IMG_0227 IMG_0237
Friday I realized why I tell folks I can’t multi-task and why it’s true. When I make up mixes for my White Wheat Biscuits I make up several batches in assembly line style. I thought that while I was at it I would whip together a batch of my High Fiber Cranberry Orange Muffins. Let’s just say they have turned out better in the past. If you want the gory details of what went wrong, just read the introduction to the recipe. In an effort to save them, I mixed together a stick of softened butter and a little honey to make honey butter. We’ll pretend that worked.
I’m writing this post on Friday night, scheduled for tomorrow morning. Tonight we are having Spicy Tuna Steaks on the grill. If I can remember, I’ll update this post with a photo. If not, I’m having a great weekend! Be thankful for what life gives you.


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