Check your calendar!

I sometimes assume that I know what the coming week has in store…Wrong! I’ve gotten used to planning around Kelton’s baseball games each Tuesday at 5:30, and nobody has had a Doctor appointment lately, so in a senior moment I merrily made my menu choices without checking the calendar. Oh boy, what a mistake. We had not one, but two, baseball games and one was at 7 PM. On top of that we had a dentist appointment, hair appointments, a Doctor appointment, AND a vet appointment. If any week would test The Sticky Menu Plan, this was it and I’m proud to say we made it thru.
The weekend was unremarkable and enjoyable (other than the fact that Bama didn’t play well at all). We enjoyed our “football food”. Michael kept his tradition of getting Terry’s Pizza on football Saturdays. In addition we had Spinach and Artichoke Spread and Pilaf Stuffed Mushrooms. It was really too much food, but the leftovers didn’t go to waste.
IMG_0411 IMG_0415
Sunday’s dinner started with a House Salad. I’d gotten a bit lax about making them lately, so getting back into the habit will be a good thing. We grilled a Crickhollow Pork Tenderloin and enjoyed that, as well.
SAM_0100 IMG_0161
On Monday Michael offered to take me out to eat after his dental appointment. Since the meal I had planned was still in the freezer, going out to eat had no impact on the week’s menu except for the fact that Monday was no longer Meatless. Hmmm, do you think that was the plot?  Michael does like his meat.
Tuesday is when we started paying the price for my not checking the calendar. Although we ate our salads before going to Kelton’s game, our Country Fried Steak with Gravy and mashed potatoes wasn’t served until after 9 PM. We eat later that most people, but that was ridiculous. If I had figured it out before 4:30, when I already had everything prepped and started, I could have changed to something simpler, but we enjoy that dish too much to waste it. I just had to cut the stove off and finish cooking when we got home.
IMG_0482 IMG_0422
Wednesday went off without a hitch and we had Two Chicken Pot Pies that I had stashed in the freezer.
By Thursday I had wised up. Not So Sloppy Joes and Slow-Cooked Baked Beans, also from the freezer, were waiting for us when we got home from Kelton’s baseball  game.
IMG_0182 IMG_0194
After a hectic week, Friday’s Tuna Salad Salads were just fine!
I’m looking forward to going to Carol and Randy’s this afternoon to meet their new grandson, Blake. They can’t help it if they are Auburn fans, so we’ll have to make sure we leave in time to see the Alabama game. I sure hope they play better this week. Roll Tide!
Be thankful for what life gives you.


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