It’s Strawberry Season!

Have I been busy. Last Wednesday we went up to Brown Farms in New Market, AL to get a gallon of strawberries. By Thursday I had used them all up! Here’s what I did:

Fresh Strawberry Ice Cream with Magical Ice Cream Topping

Strawberry Bread

Strawberry Cupcakes with Rich Chocolate Glaze

I also played with a recipe for a layered Strawberry pie, but it still needs some work. I tried for a pretzel crust with a cheesecake layer and then a glazed fresh strawberry top, but there were too many problems. I think I know what to do to fix it, but I’m out of strawberries and the one’s at the store just don’t compare with farm fresh! Hopefully, we’ll have enough time to go get another bucket tomorrow. Be thankful for what life gives you.


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