The Sticky Menu Plan to the Rescue, or why I don’t weigh 500 pounds

As I predicted, this past week was one crazy blurr, but thanks to The Sticky Menu Plan, we managed to stay on track. No fast food runs for us!
Sunday was the calm before the storm. Well, I guess you could call it calm. Aaron was up from Calera to help Michael sort through his mother’s house and Emily, Kaij, and Kelton joined us for a combination celebration of two birthdays and a belated Valentines Day. Individual Enchilada Pies made it easy to taylor dinner to personal tastes.
IMG_2779_1 IMG_0396
A casserole of Mexican Sour Cream Chicken and Rice, minus the chicken, and a bowl of Simple Refried Beans rounded out the meal before the celibratory desserts were served.
Monday was a real work out. I had one day at home to accomplish a week’s worth of household chores and laundry. Freezer Food saved me. In honor of Meatless Monday I pulled out a pan of Super Spinach Lasagna made with my Fresh Ricotta Cheese. It was “Super” indeed. In fact, we enjoyed it so well that Tuesday’s planned Bean and Ham Soup slid down the calendar to Wednesday.
IMG_2787_1 IMG_0719
Wednesday was a good day for that simple soup. We got home much later than I had anticipated, and had I needed to cook the original choice of Country Style Pork Cutlets, we would have been eating dinner at about 10:00 PM. NOT!! (Note to self: Always have a Plan B!) Still waiting in the freezer, the pork cutlets slid to this Sunday, when they will become part of next week’s Flow Menu. Be sure to check that out.
Because Thursday’s planned leftover lasagna was devoured on Tuesday, we decided on Grilled Ahi Tuna Steaks for Thursday’s dinner. That wasn’t a very good choice;  the rain moved in.  A charcoal grill, covered or not, and rain showers are not friends. Michael rushed the tuna, making it a little too rare for his taste. OK, a lot too rare! Cheesy Twice Baked Potatoes and a few Girl Scout cookies kept him from going to bed hungry that night.
IMG_0488 IMG_2772_1
The highlight of our culinary week was my recreation of La Marina, a dish we frequently enjoy while dining out. The home version is quick to prepare and packs a lot of flavor for a reasonable number of calories.  La Marina features a grilled chicken breast cutlet and shrimp in a light mushroom cheese sauce.  As at the restaurant, I served it with grilled veggies and Salsa Rice.
While stumbling around on my Word Press reader, I discovered a delightfully refreshing, new to me, blog. Food Loves Writing based in Nashville, TN.  Huntsville and Nashville aren’t that far away, geographically or gastrinomically, but this blog has a definately brighter outlook. Take a look. I plan to try their Roasted Baby Broccoli as soon as I can, maybe with some grilled chicken.
Most folks look forward to the first days of Spring. I look forward to the first days of figure friendly outdoor grilling!
Be thankful for what life gives you.


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